04 February, 2009

short and sweet sour HUTAS* rant

If you are going 50 mph in a 65 mph zone for no discernable reason, I am going to tailgate your ass, and I don't care if you're in the right lane. Pull your head out, hang up your phone, or get off the highway!

This post brought to you by the letters P, M and S.

* HUTAS = Head Up The Ass Syndrome. I made it up, but so did a bunch of other people. pfft


MichelleSG said...

I thought that was just a Texas driver trait, driving with ones head up their ass? I swear I have never seen worse drivers in my whole life than I've seen here. It's damn scary...

MC said...

Don't hold back, Susie - let us know how you REALLY feel! Hahaha!